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- Disclaimer: The information presented here regarding CaveWorld is based on in-development concepts and is subject to significant changes over time. The game mechanics, values, and features described in these documents are not final and may undergo major revisions before the game's final release. Please do not make decisions or take risks based on these concepts, as they may not accurately represent the final version of CaveWorld.


CaveWorld Wiki

CaveWorld offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that combines battle, crafting, exploration, and trading. As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to find your path to become the most powerful caveman – or tribe – in all of CaveWorld.

CaveWorld offers many paths to power and dominance. Improve your character's attributes, craft valuable items, explore ancient territories, trade for in-game currency, and engage in epic battles with other players.

With stunning graphics and a vibrant in-game economy, CaveWorld provides endless hours of thrilling gameplay, multi-level strategy and the chance to establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with in an immersive prehistoric world.



In CaveWorld, battles are central to Caveman culture. It’s how power is established, and where vital rewards and experience are earned. Battles take place – and ancient scores are settled – with thrilling turn-based, player-vs-player (PvP) combat in the Arena. Do you have what it takes to be a Master of Battle?

Each Caveman can initiate battle up to three times per day, and can also be attacked up to three times per day.

Ahead of battle, you’ll have time to equip your Caveman with items such as weapons, armor, helmets and also companions. You can also select active abilities from your Caveman’s skill tree for the battle ahead. If your Caveman is attacked while you are not online, you can preset equipment and abilities for battle and the AI will play for you.

The goal of each battle is to defeat your opponent, by knocking them out so they can’t fight anymore. Plan your movements carefully around traps and terrain to establish position. Select the right combination of melee, ranged and dual-wielding attacks to inflict maximum damage. Use your unique skills and abilities to maximum advantage!


In CaveWorld, the items you equip in battle can be the difference between compelling victory, or ending up an unconscious heap on the arena floor. Items used in exploration can make a huge difference to what and how much you find.  Crafting offers several methods to work your way toward rarer tiers of items that can offer powerful advantages during explorations, or in the heat of battle. Do you have what it takes to be a Master Craftsman?

In the Craftsman’s Workshop, you can trade-in items for upgrades, use recipes to craft items from raw resources, level-up items, repair durability of items and even disassemble items back to raw resources.

Trade-ins: Exchange any three items of the same rarity to craft a random item in the category of your choice (weapon, armor, shield, helmet or footwear for battle; or tools, wearable or specials for explorations) of the next higher rarity.

Recipes: A more expensive option, you can craft an exact item with rarity of your choice by using ancient recipes to combine raw resources into the finished product.

Level-ups: Duplicates of individual items can be combined upto 3x into a single, more powerful version offering increased advantage in battle and improved value in trading.

Repair durability: Of course, all items suffer wear and tear in the heat of battle, and also during exploration. Fortunately, you can repair items using resources, sell damaged or worn items, trade them in for crafting, or even disassemble for raw resources.


In CaveWorld, the maps of the Ancient Territories offer boundless opportunities for reward, but also risks and threats. Outfit your Cavemen with exploration equipment, and send them to collect resources, tame wild beasts, or even embark on competitive quests to face fearsome foe. Do you have what it takes to be a Master Explorer?

CaveWorld’s Ancient Territories are divided into distinct regions, each home to specific native resources and threats. Cavemen use their exploration power – a mix of exploration attributes and battle power – to mine, hunt, scout and gather resources.

Each Caveman’s main battle attribute is related to one of three specific exploration attributes.  Muscles which support mining. Brains which support scouting and hunting. And Moves, which allow quicker movement across the map.

You can use exploration equipment to further enhance your Caveman’s exploration attributes. There are three types of exploration equipment: Tools, Wearables, and Special, each helping to collect resources more efficiently and participate in quests more effectively.  Like battle items, each are rated common through legendary.

Like Battle items, exploration equipment can be traded-in, crafted from recipes, leveled-up, repaired and disassembled in the Master Craftsman’s Workshop


In Caveworld, a vibrant economy operates around Trader’s Bazaar, a hub where you can buy and sell battle items, exploration items, consumables, companions, and even additional Cavemen to grow your tribe. Some rarer items may be traded for $CAVE at a locked price. Other items are subject to the market forces of supply and demand. Do you have what it takes to be a Master Trader?

Traders Bazaar is a hub of many stalls and merchants, each specializing in different CaveWorld tradeables.

Neanderthal Tribe Traders: Buy and list for sale any of the 8,888 Cavemen in existence.

Armis the Arms Dealer & Sons: Buy and sell Battle items, including various rarities and leveled-up Armor, Weapons, Shields, Headwear and Footwear.

Explorers Emporium: Buy and sell Exploration equipment, including tools, clothes, amulets, boots and more.

Primitive Provisions Inc.: Buy and sell consumables such as X, Y and Z.

Beastly Companions: Buy and sell pets, or wild beasts from explorations that have since been tamed.

Stone Age Supply Co.: You can buy and sell all types of resources of the game, which can be used for crafting items with recipes, repairing items, and more.

In some instances, you may also choose to trade in your items for $CAVE coins at a locked price. Trade-in prices depend on the item's rarity, and only rare, epic, and legendary items can be sold for coins. Common and Uncommon items are not tradable for $CAVE.