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- Disclaimer: The information presented here regarding CaveWorld is based on in-development concepts and is subject to significant changes over time. The game mechanics, values, and features described in these documents are not final and may undergo major revisions before the game's final release. Please do not make decisions or take risks based on these concepts, as they may not accurately represent the final version of CaveWorld.


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Crafting in CaveWorld allows players to create items of higher rarity by trading in items of the same rarity. Players can also level up items and trade them for in-game currency. Additionally, crafting can be done through the use of item recipes.

Crafting by Trading In Items[]

Players can trade in items of the same rarity to craft an item of the next higher rarity:

  • Uncommon: 3x Common
  • Rare: 3x Uncommon
  • Epic: 3x Rare
  • Legendary: 3x Epic

Any item type can be traded in, as long as it meets the required rarity.


When crafting through trading in items, players can choose the category of the item they want to craft:

  • Weapon
  • Helmet
  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Footwear

A random item of the chosen category and specific rarity will be received after crafting.

Crafting: Item Recipes[]

Players can use item recipes to craft specific items by spending resources. Crafting through recipes is more expensive than crafting by trading in items, as it allows players to create a specific item instead of just choosing a category.

Leveling Up Items[]

Items can be leveled up by trading in another item of the same type. Items can be leveled up to a maximum of 3 levels. Only level 1 or max level items can be traded in for crafting. (see Items Level UP)

Trading In Items for In-Game Currency[]

Players can trade in their items for in-game currency at a fixed price. The trade-in price depends on the item's rarity. Only rare, epic, and legendary items can be traded in for coins. Common and uncommon items cannot be traded for in-game currency.


In the caveman strategy game, all items and weapons have a durability that decreases after each battle. Players can repair their items using resources, sell damaged items, or trade them in for crafting. The repair cost depends on the item's rarity.

Durability and Penalties[]

Items have a durability value (for example, 100). After each battle, every item used loses 1 durability. When an item's durability falls below certain thresholds, it receives penalties affecting all of its attributes:

  • 60% durability lost (40% unused): Item loses 10% of each attribute
  • 100% durability lost (0% unused): Item loses 20% of each attribute

Repairing Items[]

Players can repair items using resources (the same type as its recipes requirements) to restore their durability. The cost of repair depends on the item's rarity.

Higher rarity items have lower repair costs as a percentage of their total value.

Selling and Trading Damaged Items[]

  • Selling: Players can sell damaged items with their durability displayed and transferrable.
  • Disassembling: Players can disassemble damaged items, but they will receive the crafting cost minus the repair costs.
  • Trading in: Damaged items can be traded in for crafting with a penalty. The new item crafted will have an average durability based on the items traded in.