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- Disclaimer: The information presented here regarding CaveWorld is based on in-development concepts and is subject to significant changes over time. The game mechanics, values, and features described in these documents are not final and may undergo major revisions before the game's final release. Please do not make decisions or take risks based on these concepts, as they may not accurately represent the final version of CaveWorld.


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CaveWorld features three classes of cavemen, each with unique attributes, abilities, and aura effects.


Players must choose a class for their caveman upon acquisition, and can only change a caveman's class by resetting it. The three classes are:

  • Warrior: A strong caveman with strong muscles and high stamina, but slower movement and low intelligence.
  • Assassin: A skilled caveman with agile movement and deadly attacks, but vulnerable.
  • Ranger: A smart caveman skilled in ranged attacks, but relatively fragile and very slow.

Starting Stats[]

Starting stats are automatically attributed to a caveman upon choosing a class, and each class has a different set of starting stats. Cavemen start at level 0 and have no starting main attributes or ability points.


  • Hit Points: 160
  • Melee Damage: 10
  • Armor: 4
  • Movement Speed: 8
  • Attack speed: 2
  • Regeneration: 2


  • Hit Points: 80
  • Ranged Damage: 18
  • Movement Speed: 5
  • Evasion: 2


  • Hit Points: 120
  • Melee Damage: 14
  • Armor: 4
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Attack speed: 6
  • Accuracy: 2

Primary Attributes[]

Each class has a primary attribute that cannot be lower than any other main attribute. Upon leveling up, a caveman gains one point in their primary attribute and one point that can be distributed freely by the player. The primary attributes for each class are:

  • Warrior: Muscles
  • Assassin: Moves
  • Ranger: Brains


All cavemen have a standard/global ability tree, on which they can unlock standard/global abilities from a pool. Each class has a unique ability tree and pool, that is used along with the caveman's standard ones.

Class Aura Effects[]

Each class has a class aura effect that can be triggered when a caveman's health drops to a certain level. There are three attempts to trigger the aura during a battle, triggered at 70%, 50%, and 30% health levels. If successful, the aura remains active for the rest of the battle, but cannot be reactivated or stacked. The aura effects differ between classes. If a caveman heals or gains health in any way, an aura attempt cannot be made again if it has already failed on a level.