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- Disclaimer: The information presented here regarding CaveWorld is based on in-development concepts and is subject to significant changes over time. The game mechanics, values, and features described in these documents are not final and may undergo major revisions before the game's final release. Please do not make decisions or take risks based on these concepts, as they may not accurately represent the final version of CaveWorld.


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Welcome to the Abilities page of the CaveWorld Wiki! In this guide, you'll learn all about abilities, their types, the ability tree, and how to unlock and use them during battles.

Abilities Overview[]

Abilities are effects used during battles, unlocked through a caveman's ability tree. During the battle preparation, players can choose their “equipped” abilities on their battle ability tree.

There are 4 tiers of abilities:

Basic - Tier 1

Advanced - Tier 2

Master - Tier 3

Ultimate - Tier 4

Each ability has an effect and a cooldown.

Ability Types[]

Abilities can be passive or active.

  • Passive abilities (auras) are active throughout the battle, with effects happening automatically either every round or with a round cooldown.
  • Active abilities must be activated to take effect and have a round cooldown. Players may choose when to activate an ability with a cooldown of 0.

Ability Tree[]

Each caveman has 1 ability tree with spots for 14 different abilities across 4 tiers:

  • 5x Basic spots
  • 4x Advanced spots
  • 3x Master spots
  • 2x Ultimate spots

Unlock Tree Spots[]

Each spot has a cost to be unlocked:

  • Basic spots cost 1 ability point
  • Advanced spots cost 2 ability points
  • Master spots cost 3 ability points
  • Ultimate spots cost 4 ability points

You gain 1 ability point per caveman level (30 in total) and can save or spend points accordingly.

Choose Abilities from Pools[]

After unlocking a spot, players choose abilities from global or class-specific pools:

  • Global abilities are accessible by all cavemen.
  • Class-specific abilities come from class-specific pools.

Each caveman must have 1 ability of each tier originating from their class-specific pools.

Abilities in Battle[]

During battle setup, you must choose 2 basic, 2 advanced, 2 master 3 and 1 ultimate abilities, which will be available in the upcoming battle (green boxes on image). You can select different combinations of abilities before each battle.

Most abilities have a range of starting cooldown, when the battle starts. This is randomly chosen within the possible outcomes. For example, a trap might start with a cooldown of 1-3, so it starts the battle with a cooldown of 1, 2 or 3. The same ability may have a cooldown of 3, which means it will take 3 rounds to use again, after using.

During the battle, opponent cooldowns and/or abilities are not visible, only when used/triggered by the opponent.

Ability Pools[]

At the starting levels, players may only unlock basic abilities (tier 1). An ability pool can only be unlocked if the previous tier has a specific number of unlocked abilities.

The basic ability pool is unlocked from level 1, when you gain your first level, and so your first ability point.

To unlock the advanced pool (tier 2), you must have 4 basic abilities on your tree.

To unlock the master pool (tier 3), you must have 3 advanced abilities on your tree.

To unlock the ultimate pool, you must have 2 master abilities on your tree.

Bonus ability pool has a natural limit, depending on your caveman’s rarity.

After unlocking the ultimate pool, you can distribute the points you get from higher levels as you wish.

Table of Abilities[]

Class Tier Name Description Coldown Type
Any Basic False Floor Trap Place a false floor trap on any free adjacent hex. The trap remains hidden to all enemies. If an enemy steps on a placed trap, the trap pushes them back to the hex that they came from (and they spend 5+5 movement points). The hex gets a hole that no one can go on or pass through for the rest of the game. 3 Trap + Obstacle
Any Basic Stun Trap Place a stun trap on any free adjacent hex. The trap remains hidden from all enemies. If an enemy steps on a placed trap, the trap stuns the enemy immediately and then disappears. You lose the rest of your turn right when you step on the stun trap, lose next turn if pushed on it. 3 Trap + 1-time Effecta
Any Basic Infection Trap Place an infection trap on any free adjacent hex. The trap remains hidden to all enemies. If an enemy steps on a placed trap, the trap applies 1 infection on the enemy, and then disappears. Infection deals direct damage equal to 4% of max HP at the start of each turn, for 3 rounds. Does not affect movement, you can have multiple infection effects at the same time. 3 Trap + Temporary Effect
Any Basic Frost trap Place a frost trap on any free adjacent hex. The trap remains hidden to all enemies. If an enemy steps on on a placed trap, the trap reduces the enemy’s attack speed by 12 for this battle. 2 Trap + Debuff
Any Basic Bleed attack Applies 1 bleed on the enemy on every successful attack. Can stack with bleed from other sources. Passive Negative effect
Any Basic Poison attack Applies 10 poison on the enemy on every successful attack. Can stack with poison from other sources. Passive Negative effect
Any Basic Hard Armor Negate all negative effects from all sources, for 2 rounds. 6 Temporary Aura + Temporary Effect
Any Basic Meditate Increase the effect of all your buffs by 25%. Does not apply on temporary buffs. Applies only on your caveman buffs, not spawns (decoys etc.). Passive Aura
Any Basic Bloodlust Activate to enter attack mode. Gain 25 damage multiplier, but lose 12 armor for this battle. (Multiplier type depends on each caveman’s class.) 1 USE ONLY Buff + Debuff
Any Basic Beehive bomb Throw a beehive bomb on a hex within 5 range. It explodes next turn, dealing 70 direct damage and stuns all targets on the beehive tile and all adjacent tiles. 4 Throwable + Temporary Hex attachment + 1-time Effect
Any Basic Tiger strike Every 3rd attack, gain 40 damage multiplier for this attack. All extra attacks in a turn also count towards a 3rd attack. Passive Aura
Any Basic Divine armor When your HP is below 50%, gain 30 armor. Passive Aura + Buff
Any Basic Ether When you evade a melee attack, return 35% of enemy base and active weapon damage as direct damage. Passive Aura
Any Basic Shapeshift Sacrifice (lose) 8% of your max HP to permanently gain 20 damage multiplier for this battle, stackable. 3 Aura + Buff
Any Basic Fortify Reduce the effect of all your debuffs by 50%. Applies only on your caveman debuffs, not spawns. Passive Aura
Any Basic Dodge Gain +30 block but -10% chance to block each turn, for this battle. Passive Buff + Debuff
Any Basic Guardian angel Heal 15% of your lost HP from every successful incoming attack. Passive Aura + Healing Effect
Warrior Basic Mega Block Gain +50 block and 100% chance to block, until your next turn. All incoming negative effects have double effect. 4 Temporary Buff + Temporary Aura
Ranger Basic Slow attack Every time you successfully attack an enemy, you have 50% chance to apply 2.5 slow negative effect on the enemy. Passive Aura + Negative Effect
Ranger Basic Longshot Gain 2 ranged damage multiplier for each hex between you and the target (equal to the distance between you and the target). Passive Aura
Ranger Basic Spike trap Place an spike trap on any free adjacent hex. The trap remains hidden to all enemies. If an enemy steps on a placed trap, the trap deals 45 direct damage and stops enemy movement immediately, and then disappears. 4 Trap + 1-time Effect
Assassin Basic Swift attack Whenever you perform a second attack, you have a chance of performing a 3rd attack, using your attack speed, as normal. Passive Aura + Buff
Assassin Basic Weakness Choose an enemy. The target enemy has reduced evasion, armor, and block by 15, for 2 enemy turns. 6 Debuff
Assassin Basic Panther reflexes Gain +200 evasion until the next time you successfully evade. 4 Temporary Buff
Bonus Basic Blinding Trap Place a blinding trap on any free hex within 3 range. The trap remains hidden to all enemies. If an enemy steps on a placed trap, they lose -12 Evasion or -12 Armor for this battle, whichever is higher. 4 Trap + Debuff
Bonus Basic Leech trap Place a leech trap on any free adjacent hex. The trap remains hidden to all enemies. If an enemy steps on a placed trap, the trap deals direct damage to the enemy, equal to 7.5% of the enemy max HP and you heal HP equal to 7.5% of your enemy's max HP. 3 When the enemy steps on placed trap
Bonus Basic Class aura boost Triple your chances of activating class aura on all checks. If class aura triggers, all its effects are boosted by 50%. Passive When a class aura is activated